We are Spurge; a gospel drummer, jazz guitarist, punk bassist, and metal guitarist making progressive psychedelic music in the dirty south.

When we walk onstage, people scratch their heads. Jen stands a hair over five feet tall. She sports tacky clothing and has wild, colorful hair. She plays bass left handed strung upside down. She is queer and writes most of the music in the band. She has been playing music since she was 6, starting on piano and moving to bass. She picked up drums and guitar shortly after. She is a Berklee grad and has been gigging and recording since age 12. Dan dresses a little more plain and is a bit quieter. He is Bulgarian and has big chops. When asked what he wanted to say about himself in this bio, he sent a Youtube clip of a dirty joke. Charles plays like a seasoned veteran, but has only been playing guitar for 6 years. He is a gear junkie who brings the drive when we need it and plays the role of famed “stunt guitarist,” bringing trippy noises to the mix. We also affectionately refer to him as our bomb diffuser. When there is a technical issue, he can usually solve it.  Marlon has decades of experience playing drums.  A Decatur native, he has chops for days and pockets that reach the floor.

The band started in Nashville. Jen wrote and recorded 2 albums with players in the ville. When her job took her to the A, she found players online and quickly picked up where she left off. Spurge has been gigging for 2 years regionally. Come to a show and see why people wait to make a bar or bathroom trip to hear this unique, artistic group of musicians.

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